Do you feel like your brain is moving around in your head when you jump on a trampoline, drive on a bumpy road or even move your head too fast?

Then this is the website for you! Welcome to the Moving brain community, an association devoted to the health benefit of people with Moving brain syndrome.

We work exclusively to try to help, find answers and contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of Moving brain syndrome. Our ultimate goal is to find cures for this life restricting decease and to help all people suffering from it back to a normal active life.

How bad can it be? It certainly differs from person to person. Some people feel great pain even when walking or just bending over and are severely restricted in their lives. Many people with previously active lifestyles have found themselves tied up to their homes and giving up sports and social life. Others manage to maintain their lives as normal as possible but with headaches and pain on a daily basis on the way.